Saturday, April 28, 2007

well, so much for that!

The lovely pink Seduction Socks that were going to be a Mother's Day gift for my mom? Right. I got done with the cuff, tried it on, still felt like it was too big, and switched down to #1 needles. I think you know where I'm going here. That's right - now it's TOO SMALL. #2s are too big... #1s are too small... sometimes I feel like the knitting gods are against me. Sigh. So that's destined for the frog pond, and I guess Mom's getting flowers instead! (Sorry, Amy - no socks this month!)

Not surprisingly, the 1915 bag isn't getting finished either. I really started out this month with a bang and then fell flat, now didn't I? LOL

Anyway, I will have a couple more very small FOs to show off by Monday - I've almost wrapped up a pair of knitted shoes for a customer, and I have another small project (a bag remake/embellishment) up my sleeve.

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Amy said...

Oh, don't feel badly! You're still way ahead of me in the FO front. Though I do hope to finish my next pair of socks before Monday... we'll see!