Friday, April 13, 2007

two more!

felt clutch

This is the "felted item" I mentioned. I started out making the clutch from One Skein, using a skein of Manos (doubled), but decided to skip the handles and make it a zippered clutch with a wrist strap. I didn't put the zipper on yet because I'm not 100% sold on the buttons - on the clutch in the book, I thought it was adorable, but on mine, it reminds me of the country-crafty stuff my mom had all over the house in the '80s, and that's really just not my style. I'm still thinking on this one.

While I was waiting for the clutch to dry after felting, I took the advice of someone on my blog, and whipped out a dishcloth.

hexagonal dishcloth

It's the Mason-Dixon washcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting. One of my biggest knitting problems is that I can never get gauge - if my stitch gauge is right, my row gauge is inevitably WAY too small. This cloth was supposed to be 11" across, and it's more like 8". But it's fine for me, I guess... I was going to make a few up for my mom, but I'll have to play with my gauge a little more first.

I think my next project will be socks. Maybe. I feel like I should pick a quick-fix that takes a little longer to knit... I feel a little strange having whipped out so many FOs by halfway through the month! LOL


Amy said...

Those are both wicked cute!

You *totally* need some socks.

casey said...

LOL! Yeah, I do.

Actually, I'm thinking I'll make socks for my mom. :) I think I can finish them and get them in the mail in time for Mother's Day, if I start now.