Sunday, April 15, 2007

FO #2!

And the Jaywalkers keep coming! I realized this morning that I'm getting off of my goal of one project a week (got cocky after finishing my first project the first day), and got down to the serious business of finishing my Jaywalkers. I love these socks!


I used Austermann Step in color #3. I didn't realize when I bought the yarn that it was self striping, until I looked it up online and found a photo of it knitted. I love the Jaywalker pattern for striping yarn, because it adds some oomph, without being too busy. I made a pair of these before, and found that the leg is hard to get over my heel, but I love the snugness of the foot. So on these, I used a US2 for the leg, and switched to a US1 for the foot. Huge difference! They go on easily, but still hug my feet. I will definitely be using this modification again. Especially now that I've seen how great Amy's Jaywalkers came out using Cherry Tree Hill! I have some CTH in my stash, just itching to be used up.

Next, baby sweater! It uses DK weight yarn, so hopefully I can churn it out and stay on schedule!


casey said...

Fabulous! Love those colors! And awesome stripe-matching... I've never been able to do such a thing, so I'm always in a little bit of awe when someone else can. ;) Great job!

Anonymous said...

ok, those are amazing! I can see that I will have to get mine on the needles soon so I can stop drooling on my monitor.

ZeeKnits said...

Nice! I'm thinking of these for my next socks, and starting with size 2 for the legs sounds like a good idea.

Amy said...

Yay, you finished them! They turned out just beautifully. Good luck with the baby sweater--it's what I'm doing now, too! LOVE that Ann Budd book.