Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sorry I've been slacking!

Well I've have started my first effort, a pair of socks! Now as these are my first socks they may not be the best choice for something quick. I am pondering about what else to cast on for a quick fix... any suggestions? I will take some photos tomorrow in the daylight, all the ones I've taken so far haven't been so great!


Amy said...

Maybe something from one skein?

My socks aren't going so quickly, either!

casey said...

Yeah, socks aren't so quick sometimes... even for those of us who are well past our first pair. (I just cast some on - we'll see if they actually get finished this month!)

For me, nothing goes faster than a one-skein mini scarf or cowl. But I know it's hard to get excited about something like that once winter is done with!