Thursday, April 5, 2007


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I was kind of at a loss about what to make next, so I made something silly to kill a little time. As I was about halfway through it, I realized that, in 13 or so years of yarn-crafting, this is the first item I've ever made that wasn't useful. (But it IS cute!)

Pattern from here.

And while I was fiddling around with that, I got word that a longtime penpal is expecting (whee!), so the next project may be a baby sweater... we'll see what hops on the needles.


Marlena said...

That is so cute! I also haven't made anything for the sake of making it, though I hadn't really thought of it until you said you hadn't either. I am very tempted by that cupcake.

I know I've read somewhere that someone knitted a cupcake to use as a pin cushion. Maybe your knitted confection can find a practical use after all?

Anonymous said...

ok....that is way too cute! I want to eat it! Of course, that would put a damper on my weight loss efforts. (Which suck lately anyway.)
One of my favorite lines from the Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is "Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's what makes it candy." I feel it can apply to knitted cupcakes too.

ZeeKnits said...

Cute cupcake, and baby sweaters are fun, pick out a yarn you like & whoosh, you've got an itsy sweater.