Friday, April 13, 2007

One definite FO

The baby kimono from Mason Dixon knitting is finished, and ready for the baby shower tomorrow. It's hard to see since they're rather washed out in all the photos I took, but it has bunny buttons (securely sewn on), which I'm very fond of. The pattern calls for ribbon ties, but there are some really great buttons out there. I stuck with ribbon ties for the inside front flap.
I also kind of finished the placket neck pullover, except that I'm not very happy with it. After a brief rinse and block, the stitches look quite uneven and sloppy, not what I'd want to give anyone for a gift.
It's Pure Soysilk on size 5 needles, but now it looks like it should have been size 4. Not quite sure right now what I'll do with it. The soysilk still feels lovely, though.


Amy said...

The kimono is just darling! What yarn did you use, again?

If a more aggressive blocking doesn't take care of the Soysilk, I'm out of suggestions. There's not a whole lot you can do for silk, in my experience anyway. :-/

casey said...

Ahh! That kimono is so cute! I can tell the buttons are bunnies, too... what a great little touch. :)

ZeeKnits said...

Oops, the kimono was made from Rowan Handknit cotton, a lovely fiber to work with. zeno97

Marlena said...

LOVE the bunny buttons! I see what you mean about the silk sweater. What are the washing instructions? I've found that sometimes I can get away with a gentle wash cycle and low-heat dry in the dryer to firm things up a bit. But I've never done that with anything silk.